Here’s something I don’t understand…rich white people living in multi-million dollar townhouses and apartments (at least around here) spending thousands of dollars a year eating out nightly at restaurants, wearing $1,000 Louboutin shoes (women) and $5,000 suits (men), attending soirees and balls at the Met that cost millions to produce…all complaining about the working conditions in a Nike factory in Indonesia…or appalling living conditions in sub-Saharan Africa…simply complaining—and signing online petitions, writing passionate editorials, etc.—how the lack of resources (money) is *the* main factor for the sadness and despair throughout the world.


All comfort-cozy in their warm and dry Upper Eastside apartments, watching the horribleness of the world unfold on their 100 inch Samsung big screen, tweeting the ravages of income disparity from their $3,000 Mac Pro while simultaneously updating their Facebook status on their $800 iPad…


Hypocrisy is defined as a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess…which is the only thing I can think of when I am listening to and reading about these “virtuous” people constantly spout off about how evil and bad the world is (of course from the lack of money) while I am imagining them straightening their Hermes scarf or adjusting the waistband on their Gucci suit.

Shut the fuck up.

Or use your money, that green stuff that is overflowing from your pockets and bank accounts, to actually change something, to make a difference. It’s not enough, not by a gazillion miles, to juts sign a petition, if you feel that way—that the world is going to hell because of income disparity—then go spend your money, reduce the disparity, make a difference…but…

…you don’t ever want to actually spend “your” money of course…

…you want to spend “my” money and the money of other citizens to enforce that change. You want to legislate your views into law. You want to force everyone to think the way you do because your way of thinking is correct and theirs is wrong. You are beneficent and they are despotic…you are helping the poor and they are hurting them…

…you say from your apartment with the Central Park view….

…and drink your $40 a half pound espresso bean coffee…

…while munching a cronut that you paid someone $50 to stand in line for you to get.

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