I was thinking this morning that the best boxers—those guys who stand toe to toe and punch each other for a while until someone falls down or a bell rings—are that good not because they have a better punch (although I’m sure they do) but because they fully accept being hit in the face. Well, they accept being hit anywhere but most importantly, they accept being hit face.

Why the face?

Consider that fact that that’s where our eyes are, our visual connection to reality, so (in effect), it is where “we” are…our thoughts and sense of self…so getting hit in the face has more gravity, more impact (pardon the pun) than getting hit elsewhere. When we are hit in the face, “we” are hit. Not to mention that it also hurts like a mother fucker.

So why does this matter?

The best boxers must think this way (I’m guessing); I have a job to do and that is to punch that other guy in all the right places with as much strength as I can—for as long as I can—until the bell rings or he falls down. Being hit and especially being hit in the face are in the way of me doing that consistently so I have to be OK with being pummeled in the face. Sure, I’m going to protect myself but I have to accept that being hit in the face is a fundamental part of what I do.

So that’s what they do. Over and over and over…

It’s not enough having the better jab or the more forceful right uppercut…the best boxers have to be able to take being hit in the face and not have that pain and agony affect their thinking and the fact that they have a job to do. They have to accept the pain as part of the role they play…as do we.

Not being hit in the face, per se, but experiencing pain nonetheless.

In our “non-boxing” world, “accepting being hit in the face” can be thought of as having self-confidence. We accept the punches thrown by life and reality, knowing that they are going to hurt but also knowing we have a life to live and that the pain will get in the way of us living that life. All of us every day have moments when we are hit in the face…by work, by our marriages and relationships…life itself…but we accept the pain…

…we move on and continue throwing our jabs and uppercuts.

Being the best husband or wife, employee or boss—whatever you consider a major aspect of the life you live—is often times less about being the best at what you do as it is about being able to accept being hit in the face in the process. It is deeply and knowingly understanding that being hit in the face…

…is a fundamental part of living.

Believe. Go. Do.


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