a meaningful life…

I don’t know who you are, not really, but I do know this…

…I love you.

Without condition, compromise or cause…I love you because you are here on this planet, because your presence makes my life better, because the one 7 billionth slice of life that you contribute to this world means something real to me. And it means something all on its own, without need for explanation or validation from me or anyone else. I love you because you exist.

I can love you, truly and authentically, only because I love myself…and that is a difficult concept for some, I know. I need to love myself—accepting and understanding all of the many parts of who I am; the beautiful and the ugly, the strong and the weak, the successes and the failures—because I truly believe that I cannot live a meaningful life otherwise.

Not a purposeful life…a meaningful life.

A meaningful life is one that positively makes a difference in the people around me by adapting and molding myself to the ideas and emotions of those people…a purposeful life ignores the ideas and emotions of those people as they are simply irrelevant to the PURPOSE. Religion preaches a purposeful life. Politics teaches a purposeful life…lives that ultimately end with having no meaning other than the original PURPOSE. A purposeful life is basically choosing a destination early on—without benefit of experience in the world—and then as your life is lived you ignore the trillion other paths, offshoots, side trips and…

…alternate adventures that could have been.

But regardless the perception of your purpose or meaning—and your perception is the one that counts—I love you because it is deeply meaningful for me to do so and to not love you, to ignore your presence and meaning on this planet, will ultimately make me less of a person. It will ultimately make me unable to truly love myself. So, you can see, we are indelibly connected, inalterably tied together in this amazing, beautiful experience we call life:

I love you…

…in order to love myself.

Believe. Go. Do.


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