June 29

Consider what you fear…and why.

Fear has always been a necessary thing as it’s nature’s way of teaching us to be safe. From what I’ve been told, we are born with two fears, a fear of loud noises, and a fear of falling. We fear falling obviously because when we are infants or toddlers, we are held by our mothers roughly 2-3 feet above the ground. That doesn’t sound like much now but as a very small infant, that fall could break an arm…or neck. That fear causes us to clutch, to hold tight to our mothers. It keeps us from being hurt which, 10,000 years ago was as good as being dead.

Loud noises is a little different but still associated with keeping us safe. Back at the dawn of man, what was loud that could threaten our existence? Thunder (and the lightening that caused it) and earthquakes…both of which were not regularly occurring dangers…and large predators. Large predators regular occurred and they regularly killed humans so, yeah, it was good to be afraid of loud noises. These two fears are passed down from generation to generation through or DNA and everything else we fear is learned…

…someone or something taught us those fears…and that teaching was not random.

Society has learned to use fear—what was always just a natural reaction to real danger, learned over time—to what is now an institutional tool to train it’s society members to be, well, members of that particular society. Tribal elders and the religious priest-class learned early on that innately powerless people; the poor, the destitute, the disenfranchised—but with a powerful leader, eventually all members—form, as a part of their society, a fear and eventual hatred of whatever and whomever they can find who is less powerful than them.

Think of all the peoples that have been feared and hated by different societies. I don’t think I have to spell them out but they have been feared because society leaders, both religious and non-sectarian, used that fear as a tool to control the rest of society. People were taught by society to fear and eventually hate whole groups of other people because—according to scripture or legend or pseudo-scientific theory—it was “best” for society….when it never was, it was only best for the people controlling society.

Think on that for a long, long minute; society’s leaders taught us that hatred was best for society.

Happy Gay Pride everyone !!

Believe. Go. Do.


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