Attract or Create

The question is how does a positive attitude work. Which is to ask , does a positive attitude “create” or “attract” positive results?

One school of thought is that by having a positive attitude, a person actually creates the positive environment that surrounds them and thus creates the opportunities that they have and ultimately take. The idea that it is regardless the outside world and choices other people make as much as it is about how you think and how your thinking “creates” positive results.

Your attitude reveals the positivity of the world around you which you then take advantage of.

The other school of thought is that your positive attitude attracts other people to gather around you…people who have similar positive attitudes…who then supply the positive opportunities that you turn into positive results. Another way of stating it is that without a positive attitude to set you apart, those positive thinking people would not be attracted to you and thus you are never given the chance to know the many positive opportunities that they bring to you.

Your attitude networks you to people who are then the gateway to positive results.

In either case it is all predicated on you for having the positive attitude in the first place…it is dependent upon you to understand that looking at the world from a positive perspective will always, always be better than looking at it from a dark and negative one. Everything is brighter, more reasonable and likely to be successful when looked at with a positive view because, well, just because. The question about whether you create or attract positive results because of that attitude might be similar to asking if it is better to be given a million dollars by check or in cash…

…it’s a million bucks either way.

Believe. Go. Do.


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