They will all fall

Think of the worst thing you believe about yourself, the absolute deepest darkest of your secrets and then look at that belief and think of how bad it makes you feel; the remorse, the guilt, the abject misery of that thought enveloping you completely, submerging you in darkness…and wait a minute while you think…then look down at yourself…

…are you dead? Dismembered? Destroyed?

I’m guessing not because, regardless the weight you believe it to have, regardless how much control you believe that it has over your life and well-being, it is simply a thought, diaphanous and immaterial. Merely a collection of tiny electro-chemical signals between synapses collectively communicating across different parts of your brain. It exists only because you make it exist and for no other reason. It exists because at some point in your past you made the choice for it to exist as a pattern that you would use again and again the rest of your life. It may be hard to believe but life is a series of choices that you make in reaction to the stimuli you experience from your senses. Fire is hot so you don’t touch the flame, broken glass is sharp so you don’t run your finger across the razor-like edge. In many cases you’ve made those choices years in the past so you don’t “feel” like you’re making those choices now. They seem automatic but…

…they are still choices you make..

So…how do you deal with a life-crippling thought, one that seems automatic and wholly outside of your control? A thought that is so heinous that you hide it away and bury it deep, deep within your psyche and never drag it out into the light of day? Well, realize that it is not real, it is just something you have chosen to believe about yourself. Likely you have never independently verified that it is true. Once held up to the light of day and compared against stark reality, it will most likely simply evaporate away…

…yes, it will do that.

And you will feel a huge weight removed from your shoulders, you will breathe freer and will have a new understanding of the world because once the big bad one falls, the rest—the multitude of other self-damaging thoughts we all have—will all go like dominos one at a time. Not immediately and probably not in the order you’d like but eventually, once you realize that you always have the choice…

…they will all fall.

Believe. Go. Do.


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