The well paid dumbfuck

I’ve noticed lately that whenever someone with even a modicum of education responds to some idiot or event, they are hailed as some kind of rare, conquering hero. Like they are doing something that is above and beyond a normal human’s ability to confront ignorance, intolerance or hate…um…

…I think it’s called “knowing what the fuck you’re talking about.”

With the rapid rise (and truly incredible compensation) of the celebrity idiot as icon…as idol, as standard, as reference…we’ve basically conceded our humanity and given into intellectual entropy. We’ve emptied the loony bins and handed the keys to the kingdom to the inmates. And we did it happily, with abandon and not only do we sing their praises on social networks and the worst and the most pitiful thing of all…

…WE PAY THEM for being fucking idiots.

We pay them huge, almost inconceivable amounts of money and seeing that we’re a materialistic, cash driven society we’re basically telling them, in the only way that makes any difference to them (and everyone else who aspires to be an enormously well paid dumbfuck), that they are humongously important to us. We prize them above everyone else.

That is just so goddamn sad.

And the only idea I have how to help change it is by refusing to watch the Kardashians, any Housewives of <insert city name here> show—really any reality show—Fox news or MSNBC (any purely political mouthpiece “news” show). I haven’t watched American network TV in years and the second I make a mistake and land on a show with a laugh track…I immediately wash my brain out with some good literature or book on neuro-psychology…

…you should too.

Believe. Go. Do.


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