the fuck you chuckle

Apparently the biggest things on the intertubes and FB are revenge postings. You know the ones I mean…”So and so magnificently shuts down –insert vilified subset of the population (i.e. sexist, racist, homophobe, etc.)—who made a disparaging remark.” And on and on and on…with the point being that we, as a species apparently are supposed to feel good/justified/exonerated/whatever because some asshole was put in his or her place.


That’s what we’re down to? Shaming people as entertainment for the masses? As far as I know, shaming doesn’t actually teach anyone anything, in fact I believe it makes people less likely to learn any inherent message in the shame. It simply makes them feel like shit which, obviously, is the point of shaming.

But feeling like shit doesn’t change anything.

How about this, how about we either ignore assholes (who will stop being assholes because they don’t get any attention for it) or we try to educate them if they are simply ignorant of the truth? I know, I know…where’s the fun in that?  All we will get is a better world, not a good hearty fuck you chuckle.

But maybe a “fuck you chuckle” is all we can hope for?

Shame on you!! We can certainly hope for more…

Believe. Go. Do.


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