Here is something I know; nothing in the world can take the place of persistence, the perseverance to keep trying to achieve a dream or attain a goal, no matter what. The ability to keep going regardless how many times you’ve fallen or have suffered failure. The idea that you’ve made a sacred pact with yourself to just never give up.

Talent won’t replace persistence.

There are millions of extremely talented yet unsuccessful people…look at the music or sports industry. Barely 5% of those who attempt to become successful at sports or with music actually succeed. You know people who haven’t.

Education won’t replace persistence.

The world is filled with educated and sometimes over-educated derelicts. Men and women who gambled that simply the act of going to school and university would be the key to their success. It is not and never can be.

Genius won’t replace persistence.

It is almost a proverb about unrewarded genius. Smarter does not equal more successful with so many, especially in today’s information society, women and men of true genius toiling alongside the rest of the drones and worker bees, unable to achieve the success they believe they deserve.

It is only and ever persistence that creates success.


History is rife with stories of people who persisted—and reached their goals and achieved success—regardless their lack of genius, their unfinished education, their absence of overriding talent. They did so because they simply did not stop moving forward, toward what they wanted, instead of turning away when the going got difficult. They refused to let failure define them and rose above their circumstance. Those people are you, and you, and you, and…

…you just need to remind yourself of that fact…


Believe. Go. Do.


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