is that a fact

It really makes no difference how smart someone is—how smart they say they are or how other people believe how smart they are—if what they say is not based on perceivable, actual evidence then they are simply spouting gobbledygook. There are a gazillion theories on how everything works in this universe…from curing cancer with “super foods” to the secret source of our government’s power to chemtrails to who shot JFK to…well…

…you get the picture.

All the conspiracy theories and wild-assed crazy ideas out there about how and why things are the way they are, are all just bullshit if they do not have facts and the truth supporting them. Sounds pretty simple, eh? You would think so but there are so many people on this planet who are hurting, physically and mentally and emotionally, desperately looking for answers to their most worrisome problems such that they will latch onto any and all theories and “answers” in the hopes that they can relieve their own suffering. It’s not that they want to believe the bullshit…

…it’s just that that’s all there is in some cases.

Or all they’ve been told there is…

…so the next time you hear or read about an “answer” to a problem or an explanation of why things happen (or don’t) please, please, please look for the underlying facts that support the answer. If it is just because someone is saying that the answer is true, no matter how long they’ve been saying it, then the answer is just bullshit.

Every time.

When people have facts—real, observable and/or provable things—they are never ashamed or embarrassed to share them with you and point out the evidence their “answer” is based on. In fact, they are more than happy to have you try to disprove their facts because that only makes their answer stronger…so, yeah…

…listen to those guys.

Believe. Go. Do.


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