You woke up this morning beautiful and perfect…

…how could you not be?

You are the only “you” among 7 billion people on this amazing planet therefore you are unique and singular, unmatchable in your ability to be you in every way possible. Something not another living person on this earth can do.

How can that NOT be beautiful and astounding?

By loving and fully accepting yourself for everything you are you set yourself free from the slavery of external validation, the bondage of popularity…the servitude to the masses promoted by society to keep you under its control. You do not “need” to be told that you are good or beautiful or worthy, you simple know you are because you live and are on this planet.

You do not need to compare yourself to others—regardless if they are celebrities, your parents or someone you admire greatly—you know you are good and beautiful and worthy…worthy of loving and being loved…because you simply are. Because you are the only “you” means literally that you are incomparable, matchless…

…unequaled by anyone else.

Not better or worse, not good or bad, not preferred or forgotten—these are judgments based on comparison—not anything other than simply being you…

…and you are beautiful and perfect.

Just because.

Believe. Go. Do.


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