Another Choice

To deal with insecurity do this; find a quiet spot to sit and close your eyes with your hands folded in your lap. Imagine you’ve shrunk down the size of a mouse and you’re at the center of your body, like you’re in a huge hollow “you” shaped cavern. You’re looking at all the interior surfaces of your skin and can see the fact that you are completely air and water tight. Nothing gets in and nothing can get out. Now imagine slowly expanding yourself until you swell up larger and larger until you completely fill that big cavern.

Now you can feel completely you, self-contained, impregnable and strong. Regardless what is outside your skin, you know what is inside, everything that makes up what you are…solid matter as well as thought. Aside from food and water and shelter, there is nothing that is needed outside your skin for you to simply be alive on this planet.


Everything that is not “you” has to be outside of you…you’ve already seen your inside and there’s no room for anyone but yourself…so you have the choice to let what is “out there”, in or not. It makes no difference what it is…love and laughter, pain and torture…you get to decide whether to let it inside or not.


Insecurity is caused by the moral and value judgments of you by the people who mean something to you. You cannot be judged by someone who you don’t give a shit about. It’s simply not possible, and all of the judgments against you have to come from outside you…even when you judge yourself because someone taught you that, that teaching came from outside you.

The next time you start to feel insecure…remember yourself; self-contained, impregnable and strong…and look to where the judgments against you are coming from…and…then…simply…turn…them…off.

Believe. Go. Do.


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