Let Me Say This…


Thousands and thousands of the little buggers all strung together a trillion different ways, different meanings…contextual or not…meant to convey ideas, plans, philosophies, advertisements, love, sex, death…and on and on and on. A million million paper books in libraries known and unknown across the planet, a billion times that in digital storage on hard drives, in the cloud and on and on and on…


All those words are useless without action. Without some human somewhere deciding to use that word, those words, and do something to change the earth, the moment…or simply their own mind. We have words upon words muttered by person after person about things like climate change, about things like income inequality, about things like racism and sexism and a billion other “isms” and nothing changes because there is no meaningful action….

…no follow up to the words.

People use words to demonstrate that they are against…or for…whatever but they so skillfully ignore the fact that they aren’t actually “doing” anything about what they are for…or against…beside talking about it. Climate change was talked about by hundreds of thousands of people yesterday here in NYC, while marching toward…what? Hope? Hardly. Change?


The massive cost associated with switching to a renewable energy society will make most poor people a lot poorer because the high cost of “solving” climate change in their mind is worth it, is worth making poor people’s lives worse because they are saving a planet for “our children”. They know the words but they ignore the actions. They know the value while ignoring the cost. They want the world to change as long as they themselves don’t have to.

They are idealists.

But idealism has probably killed as many people as all the wars have but still it’s held on a high banner and looked at fondly as more and more words are spoken and written and emailed and shouted and on and on and on. And they feel good about what they “accomplished” even they have done nothing real or enduring except shouted words on a street in a city of a country on a planet circling a minor star out on the edge of just one a many billions of galaxies.

Nothing changes without changing yourself.

Believe. Go. Do.


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