All men, the oldest as well as the youngest, will hold their stomach in when a pretty girl passes by and women wear padded bras and makeup from the moment they learn that it is what society tells boys to be attracted to. We are all liars, to some degree, as honesty doesn’t seem to reach down into our reptilian brains and afford us the notion that we can choose not to follow the herds. Dishonesty as an institution is deeply embedded into our psyche but, not so curiously, as the result of Mother Nature’s wants and needs versus our very own. Our job on this rock, according to her, is to make more of us…


So Nature has created us to be liars—from the very first cry out of the womb—with the better fib winning the better mate…and from then on society happily obliges to add additional categories for us to rationalize our inherent dishonesty. The aforementioned padded bras, artificially trim belly’s and makeup as well as expensive suits and cars, dyed hair and on and on and on because the only way that—us making more of us—is sustainable over long periods of time is if we constantly improve our species in order to meet the demands of the environment. The “now” environment, it is important to note, versus the one we collectively grew up in over the last 100,000 years or so.

So we wear our suits and color our hair and paint our faces and inhale sharply when a pretty girls passes by…and all the other seemingly inconsequential lies we tell others (and ourselves) every single day…even as we profess that honesty is an ideal and object of desire and inherent characteristic of the human equation.

Lies about lies.

All the while the simple fact that naked and standing alone we are what we are…without pretense, obfuscation or deceit…and that we are made that way, every single one of us, made equal and amazing and important and deserving and beautiful and loving and…human. But we have been inoculated and institutionalized by countless generations of ignorance and religious proselytization into believing that it just isn’t enough and in fact that that it is wrong. That who we are, naked and innocent, is immoral and against society.

That we are born wrong.

So we spend the rest of our lives lying to one another… just trying to be right according to society…and then lying about lying in an endless circle of self-loathing and deceit.

I know this; you—all of us on this planet—were not born wrong. Understand and know that…not easy and not immediate…and start living the life you should, one without lies, without pretense, without guilt and sorrow.

Life the life you should have from the beginning.

Believe. Go. Do.


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