This is I know…we all want to achieve something…success, acclaim, cash money, whatever and the only way to attain that success, that acclaim, that wonderful end-state of perfect awareness is to set a goal, a very clear and concise goal, for what we want to change in our lives. Small goals or huge goals, they are all the same…think of them as a spot on the horizon that we’re continually sailing our ships toward. Always toward that spot, never varying our course. It’s the only way. And knowing that, understand that the spot, even the horizon itself, will never get closer to us than it was the moment we made our choices about our goals.

And that’s the point.

The horizon isn’t actually there, it’s an idea, a way of describing a concept so that people can talk about it in a meaningful way. It’s the line where the sky meets the earth…and you will never reach it because it moves with you, always a constant distance away. The point is that by driving yourself to that impossible place, that line that doesn’t exist, you will never notice how close your goals are coming toward you…until suddenly…

…they are achieved.

A very rich man was asked “what is the secret for earning 10 million dollars”, his answer was “try to earn 100 million.” A revered martial artist was asked what the secret to breaking a board with his fist, he said “aim to hit a spot 3 inches behind the board.” The secret for achieving your goals is to overreach, to plan past the goal because you will never know what you are capable of when all you ever do is plan for what you already know…

…and never give yourself a chance to discover something new, something you couldn’t imagine yourself capable of.

Understand that perfection is impossible—just like the horizon is impossible—but that everything inside you, everything you choose to do, is not only possible but inevitable once you make the decision.


…it’s that simple.

Believe. Go. Do.


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