Read This!


Written or spoken they are audible stand-ins for the meaning of an idea or a thing. Audible (even when written they are “sounded” out in the mind), by means of the compression and decompression of air in the form of sound waves as they travel from the speaker to the listener. Simple vibrations that we, as humans, have assigned values to…that (in concert with others) we call sounds and then aggregate those sounds into collections we then call words.

Regardless who is creating them—pope, king, queen, president, you or me—they are just vibrations striking our eardrums that are then converted to small electrochemical pulses sent through nerve endings to our brains where we process them and correlate them to what we know to be the representative meanings.

That’s it.

When someone tells you something you first process who the person is, their credibility to you, you then must parse the words themselves—their credibility—until finally you correlate the meanings of each word to something that matches what you know (even if it’s a word or words you’ve never encountered before). You arrange the words in a way that makes sense and then you look at the overall meaning in context with each other.

By themselves—without context—words have no power except that which we give them. We see and hear thousands of them every day…on social media, websites, the news, on the tube, from our friends, lovers and families…so many in fact that we start to glaze over from overload. There are just too damn many words that we must process every day.

So, remember all of those process steps when you come upon things like this inane assembly of meaningless dribble (see graphic) and think to yourself “do I really want to waste my valuable brain processing energy reading that shit?”…of course not…

…and you’ll feel so much better.

Because—in so many words—I just said so.

Believe. Go. Do.


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