You and Billions Others


Here’s an interesting thing about this little platitude…it’s wrong…it turns out that you can, billions do it every day. The point is that those billions accept and love themselves and do not need external validation to be happy. They only need their own sense of self-worth…that they are deserving; to be loved and to love others.

Mr. Olsteen, like all the others in the religion and “spiritual” industry, has to create this kind of message so that you continue to look toward a 3rd party for your validation. Of course he’s hoping you look toward him and send your dollars his way, as do all the other pastors and priests, ministers and “managers of the soul”. Their whole business model depends on you distrusting yourself…to be happy, to feel wanted, to love and be loved…and they hold those feelings for ransom and collect payment along the way.

The fact of the matter is really quite simple and requires no books, no studies, no incredulous belief…simply: you already are beautiful and capable and deserve to be happy. Not because you believe in some higher power or read some book but because you were born that way, just as every other of the 7 billion on this planet were.
Because you are you. Period.

When you look to others for validation, no matter how well intentioned those others are, you become their psychic slave and must forever look to them to gage your own feelings. How they feel, look, act, etc. is what you attempt to mirror and thus realize some sort of happiness (because they are obviously happy…right?) but it is illusion and superficial.

Your happiness is yours and yours alone and needs no motivational poster or pithy saying for it to be true…
…and you’ve had it with you all along.

Believe. Go. Do.

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