Big Fat Brains

Think of it this way…

…everything we know, that has been taught and explained to us, it all depends upon one thing…that we have brains extremely similar to us all. It’s our brains, the thing we use to make sense of all the gazillions of data bits coming in through eyes, ears, noses…and the very skin that wraps us up and keeps us from spilling out all over the floor…that makes all of this meaningful. Because how our brains are constructed really forms the basis of how we understand the universe and ourselves.

Don’t believe me? That’s your brain talking 😉

We can’t help it, it’s the only tool we have for explaining the unexplainable and we do so (to ourselves) every second of every minute of every day of our lives. Does a tree believe in god? Do grizzly bears know about the big bang theory? Are fish aware of the idea that they are made of molecules and atoms?

No. Within the confines of their reality, they all understand what they do based on the abilities of their thinking parts…their brain…and cannot fathom anything different. But…

…none of what they think or what we think changes the underlying structure of reality. Ever. Think of this…if you’re standing somewhere that is supposedly meaningful (spiritually, religiously, etc.) like a church or synagogue or temple, it is only because someone told you so—specifically and measurably there is no special sensation, no radiating warmth, no buzzy feeling that you could define that says that that place is “special”.

Someone had to tell you.

We’re told that leaves are green, water is wet, the sky is blue and trillions of other things about reality because, well, just because. We have to call them something…things have names simply because we need to talk about them to understand them. That’s it. There is nothing inherently special about anything from a metaphysical perspective just because mankind gave it a name.

Reality just is.

So the point is that without our big fat brains, if our “thinking” never existed to name things (like the area between your nose and upper lip…philtrum by the way) then they would be changed in no way…ever…at all. And that counts for every single thing in the universe.

Even you.

Think about that the next time you start to feel that events are overcoming you, that the world is getting to be too much…because it’s just words meant to describe stuff that will happen regardless having a name.

Feel better?

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