So. The huge media storm over Indiana’s new religious freedom law is raging and people are screaming and crying, rending clothes, businesses are pulling out and/or telling employees to stay away, the usual talking heads are talking, talking, talking and chewing through airtime like a fat man at a donut shop and I’m all like “meh.”

I say the law didn’t go far enough.

They should immediately amend the law to say this:
“Businesses, of any size, in the great state of Indiana (go Hoosiers!) may deny goods and/or services to any class of citizen based on any characteristics deemed offensive by the business owner, whether it is based on religion, nationality, race, creed, sexual orientation, etc.,…


…if services and/or goods are denied a specific category, then that category must be prominently displayed on the outside of the business in I foot high block letters visible from at least 100 feet away. An example would be “WE DO NOT SERVE HOMOSEXUALS” or “WE DO NOT SERVE BLACK PEOPLE”.”

This way, it will be abundantly clear to all patrons exactly what kind of assholes own those businesses and they can make decisions to shop or not shop there.

Deal done.

Problem solved.

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