go go go Amanda

It’s been a while since I went on a rant…so…lucky you, eh?

I read what Amanda Palmer wrote about “Embrace your flaws” the other day (basic response; fuck you) and then just today someone wrote a thing on only being around people who know your worth…and I started thinking (usually a dangerous endeavor) about this whole concept of worth (and it’s evil step dad; judgment) and the gears just started grinding.

Some would say that it all starts with money, and that fact that you have some and that the big corporations (with limitless media reach) want to get some of it from you…but it started long before that.

The question that begs is what is it about humans that a huge part of our character is the seemingly unending lust to have dominion over another person…or millions of them? The idea that the end-all, be-all of life is to be king…or president or dictator or movie star or billionaire…or husband or wife…but to have “control” over at least one other person?

And then, how is this power manifested?

The origin of this lust for power is the idea that there is a better and there is a worse when it comes to people. Good and evil. Right and wrong. Us and them…because it will always be the “better” people who are in charge over the “less than better” people…and of course it’s the better people who get to make that judgment (and that’s where Amanda and others have started piping up)…

…but what happens when the “less than better” folks pretty much don’t give a fuck?

You see, once you buy into the idea that someone else is in charge of how you’re supposed to feel about yourself—think magazines and websites and advertising and movie stars and hip hop artists, blah blah blah all telling you that you’re inferior or not good enough unless you do “X”,—then they have dominion over you…power…which you gleefully (it seems) just give to them.

But you don’t have to.

Once you stop looking externally for validation for who you are and how you should feel about yourself (your looks, your shape, your color, your sexual orientation, your…everything) is the day that you realize that all the power you ever need has been inside you since they day you were born…and is the day that you throw off the shackles of the emotional oppression you’ve been living with your entire life.

It is the day that you regain the power over yourself, the power you’ve been giving away.

It is today, actually…

…or could be wink emoticon

Believe. Go. Do


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