Yes…and no.

Of course I’m going to weigh in on the recent Caitlyn Jenner hullabaloo…you’ve met me before, correct? So…

…where to start?

There’s a lot of things to really like about the events surrounding her re-introduction and there is another basketful of things to really kind of feel slimy after having read them. First and foremost, Brava Brava!! It takes a lot of balls to lose your balls. And they certainly did a fine job of making her look very attractive, but…

…with a couple hundred thousand dollars of plastic surgery and the tireless efforts of some truly amazing makeup and hair styling artists (not to mention the gigacycles of Photoshop required), I’m pretty sure I could be made to look like Kate Upton. Wait, I might be thinking about the several hundred thousand dollars I’d pay to date Kate Upton…but I digress…the point is that yeah she’s beautiful but it’s a contrived beauty. A manufactured beauty which, sadly, is my main point.

That seems to be all we have as role models these days; manufactured beauty…manufactured talent…manufactured outrage…basically we’ve seem to have lost authenticity. Genuineness. What is real.

Ironically, I think the inflection point in society where this truly started was the advent of reality TV shows…those things that advertise themselves as true reflections of humanity in variously stressful situations to show us how “real” people react in “real” situations so we somehow get to learn lessons of behavior whilst concurrently being entertained.


Reality TV is as far from reality as I am from dating Kate Upton (I am crying inside…just a little) and everyone *who watches* knows and simply doesn’t care anymore. The watching public, as dumbfuck as they all are, accept that they are being lied to and they wholeheartedly buy the advertised products and they read the tabloid websites and they talk to their BFF’s during their latest mani-pedi or poker night and the absolute worst…they procreate.

Politicians, TV talking heads, police spokesmen…and on and on…don’t even bother to pretend their telling the truth anymore. How many times do we have to see this: a cop shoots an unarmed citizen in the back, the spokesman tells us it was justified because the cop thought his life was in danger…from 30 feet away…from a guy who back was turned…who had headphones on.

True story.

And we the public, the citizens of the world, are responding in kind…spouting unvarnished lies and mistruths…with us manufacturing our own rage at the world. Some seriously twisted people protesting that Caitlyn Jenner’s Olympic medals should be revoked…some others creating whole myths around people like Obama, Bush, etc. that have no basis in reality yet take hold and grow and grow until by sheer size they just *have* to be true.

So…long story just a little bit longer; “Holy shit that is AWESOME!” and “Holy shit we’re all fucked!”

Believe. Go. Do.


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