Message received, an
entire relationship
encapsulated in just a few
words, your words
my words.

It’s a hard thing, a massive
impediment standing
between having and not
having…a striking

You feel and
it is true…an emotion
enveloping, covering
all consuming and
it can’t be wrong.

I see what
I can, watching from
open eyes, thinking what
I think…without benefit
of your sight.

We do not converge, we
cannot combine
a moment gone
while tears mark
the passing.

We did, we were…but
time opened perspectives
allowed alternate
endings, and we

Now years later, I
think about it, us
you, from your email
an echo, a shadow
you haven’t let go.

But the past is buried
deep, covered, under
the assumption, the idea
that it remains hidden
…leaves of sadness.

I wish, you want, the
sky stays blue and then black
into the night
we cannot be
each other again.

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