terrorists, refugees, US war vets, Syrians, the French

Sigh…terrorists, refugees, US war vets, Syrians, the French, and other assorted dumbasses and dumbfucks. First about the clueless misanthropes complaining that changing a profile picture on FB does nothing to help French people and that somehow doing this makes average folks hypocritical. Um…STFU! OF COURSE it does nothing, no one with a quarter of a brain said that it would. What it does do is that it shows an aggregate emotion, the miniscule additions of millions together that create a sense of global empathy. That empathy does have the power to affect change, over time of course, as long as it is repeated and is consistent. You telling people that they are wrong is like telling them that their favorite color is wrong.

But you’re an idiot so you probably don’t get how deranged that is.

Syrian refugees—many being known terrorists—are being paid for by congress itself (with money they are diverting from the VA) to come live in your town (with their AK-47’s and IED’s) to throw US war vets—many with amputated legs and arms—out on the streets and make them sleep in alleys on crap encrusted blankets with their German Shepard’s and dinged up combat helmets while they beg for scraps via poorly worded signs on pieces of dirty cardboard…
…yeah, true story. It has to be, I’ve seen all the posts about it.
And that’s just the beginning of the complete and utter bullshit that’s been raining down the last couple of weeks. I could go on and on (and would if I didn’t have a mani-pedi in 15 minutes) but my point is that people write and say this kind of shit (about other people) because they look inward and see hypocrisy and hate and anger and doubt and ugliness in themselves and no one is going to step and claim that prize so they turn it all outward and blame the world for their misery.

They hate themselves and thus find it exquisitely easy to hate you.

So when I read all of the negativity, the blaming, the lies and accusations…the sheer volume of acidic hatred (and that’s just the presidential candidates) I immediately think how sad it is that these people cannot find it in their own hearts to forgive and love themselves. That they live every day with such ugliness inside. That if they knew the feeling of freedom and the weight of anger and hatred lifted from their shoulders simply by honestly looking inward and forgiving and accepting themselves for who they are. Not who a silly book of superstitions says they should be or what a collection of dumbfucks with government titles say they should be.

Not perfect, not complete…just…human.

Believe. Go. Do.


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