From the news the websites
a blackness shines and
it is death and decay, a movement toward
destruction but
a smile fell open on the street, a different
light where the shadows
are welcome, warm, inviting but
dead bodies lay on drifting drying beaches
on plains of sadness, on
the premise and promises of god
of the memory before science but
hands reach into boiling floods, into
lives of suppression and they’re
lifting and saving and making
lives better without
payment thanks request but
bullets and bombs ask zero questions
asks not what you want, what
your country does/doesn’t
what is or isn’t, they kill
they kill but
small children look with sparkling
inquisition into
an unreadable nature and
see answers, feel connection to life
to love, they rotate orbit
and with seamless efficiency
become adults who
get their news from websites

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