10 things

When you learn to finally love and accept yourself—not because you think you’re perfect or better than others, but because you know for sure you’re neither, and importantly that it’s OK—so many wonderful things happen…here are just 10 of them:

1. All the weird, judgmental things people say to you (or about you to others) stops having any meaning.

2. Because you have no reaction to these comments, people stop saying them.

3. The anxiousness and anxiety that you’ve always felt about yourself disappears.

4. You cease comparing yourself to others, positively or negatively, because you own validation is all you need.

5. You start experiencing strangers positively right away because they sense you don’t need their approval.

6. These strangers smile at you and engage in conversation easily because of your positivity and confidence.

7. Your friends want you to hang out with them more and spontaneously invite you to events in their lives.

8. They make an effort to communicate and stay in touch regardless the circumstance.

9. You realize that happiness is a state of being, not a destination that you need to seek

10. And, finally, you recognize that while you were learning to love yourself, happiness snuck up on you…and you just are.

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