When you think about how to live your life…

…You should get advice from people who are smarter than you—much smarter—not celebrities, politicians, movie stars, rich people, athletes or silly platitudes in a graphic.
…You should want that advice to be as free from bullshit as possible but should also know that this is not a bullshit free universe…people have different reason for giving you advice…it’s your job to make the distinction.
…You should want advice that is uncomfortable to hear…until with enough research and education, you get comfortable knowing it’s not bullshit or is based on a hidden agenda.
…You should want to be challenged and have your worldview questioned…constantly….whether politically, environmentally, emotionally, whatever.
…Finally, you should never ever take anything at face value…not even this…because it’s your life; you’re responsible, accountable and in charge.

You fuck up and it’s all you.

Believe. Go. Do.


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