everything is external
it comes from outside the thin walls of
our skin
it is everything that we are not
assaulting and invading
in the darkness of an empty bedroom
4:26 AM
wrestling sheets of too warm linen
where shadows whisper below hearing
no sound but static…blood in our ears
the crinkle of broken
pieces of our soul being walked upon
with hard soled shoes
down cavernous hallways, long wooden stairs
…listen to the voice ignored
the sound of ourselves
“you are here”
wash across our thinking, across
our bodies, listen
to ourselves
and know of 7 billion others…all
doing the same
all small, separate, solitary…
regardless the company we keep
we are
the same
we are love
and it is us
and when we learn this
know this
we become
impossibly huge, massively
present…large forces of motion
with mass, inertia and velocity
toward a future only we
only we envision
but that contains
that contains humanity and
keeps us

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