This I know…

Someone important to you, at some point in your life, told you something about yourself that wasn’t true. And they probably told you the same thing many, many times. They might’ve said that you’re not smart, that you’re going to fail, that you’re unlovable…or simply that you’re just not good enough and never will be.

And you entirely believe that to this day.

But I want to ask just a small favor, a teeny-tiny little thing that you can knock off in a second. It’s nothing really but, yeah, it’s kinda important to me. I want you to think about that thing they said, how many times they said it, look at it, expose it to the air, bring it out in the open and let the light of day shine on it. Look at it with today’s eye’s, hear it with today’s ears…understand it with today’s’ brain…and know—KNOW!–that it’s just not true…and…

…it never was.

When you realize this, when it truly makes sense at the center of yourself and soul…then every affect that this untruth has had on your life will simply disappear. Poof. Gone.

Our behavior is driven by the memories of dramatic, traumatic and meaningful events that have happened to us and by us over the years we’re alive…if you can successfully change those memories—and you can—then you can completely and automatically change the behavior that was derived from them.



Believe. Go. Do.


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