Your words

To change your life…

…it’s never words from others. It’s not what people say to you. It will never be something you heard said by someone else that changes your life. The thing—the only thing—that will change your life are the words…

…you tell yourself.

The words you tell yourself that make you believe in you. The words you say with such deep conviction and passion that they make you believe yourself so utterly and completely that they become truth. Fact. Words that become who you are from the inside out. Not what I say, she says, they say but…

…what you say. To you. Only and ever your words.

Now it doesn’t matter where the words come from. You can beg, borrow and steal those words from any person on the planet, any book, any website, any newspaper, any talking head on the TV or internet but for those words to work, for those words to change your life they must become your words. Singularly and specifically…

…your words.


Go find them..

Believe. Go. Do.


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