My words will do you no good
even though
I have too many for me to use alone
my words will tell you that
you are beautiful
strong and
they might be true
honest, predictable
but they are my words, they
were born of necessity
of a need to describe
define and
…not to save
not to create light where
darkness prevails
not to replace empty
with full
they are my words so only really
apply to me
I don’t own them, have title or deed
to the results
the endings or the beginnings
I share them…gladly…
with 7 billion others
and extend rights and responsibilities
to you
and you
and you
because this I know is true:
it is words, your words,
the ones deep inside
words that are yours
the simple ones you believe
with everything
with conviction, with fatalist consistency
it is these that define you, make you
who you are
strong and
I am happy to share.

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