You. You are important.

You are probably the most important person you know. Wait, not “probably”…you *ARE* the most important person you know.

But…to you. You are the most important person to yourself. There is a difference as every other person on the planet is the most important person to themselves that they know. This is how it should be. And this isn’t about power or money or jewels, cars, investments, cars, jobs…this importance has nothing to do with anything external. You cannot buy this importance.

It simply is not for sale.

You make this importance inside of you. You do so by recognizing that you ALONE are responsible for all and every decision in your life…regardless what others say or what you might feel from parental or societal conditioning. You make the decisions that affect how you live your life…and ultimately what your future will be.

You decide if you believe in religion.
You choose whether to fight in a war.
You decide to eat meat…or not.
You decide if the individual’s wellbeing is less important than the state.
You decide which political party speaks for you.
You choose your mate.
And on and on…

All of these choices and decisions affect you deeply and explicitly control how you live your life, how you interact with people, who you love and protect, the job you have, the school you go to, the food you eat…simply; who you are.

I’d call the person making those choices pretty goddamn important…

…wouldn’t you?

Believe. Go. Do.


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