So this is what I think about Hillary…I’ll give you an analogy: say you have a 16 year old daughter—let’s call her Annie—who for all intents and purposes is a model student and teenage girl. She gets A’s in school, volunteers at the animal shelter on weekends and is an all-around nice person. You trust her but more importantly, you like her as a person.

Now one day you’re driving to the store to get some milk and as you’re passing a notorious biker bar—known for fights, prostitution and drugs and the associated arrests—you see Annie’s bicycle laid against the alley wall of the bar with her backpack still hanging from the handlebars. You slow down and stop across the street to look closer and you spot Annie through the window of the bar. She seems to be talking to several of the bikers, smiling and laughing. 20 minutes later you drive home.

Later that night when Annie gets home you ask her what she was doing out. Her reply is that she was riding her bike from school to home but that she stopped to talk with some friends which is why she was late…and she starts to walk upstairs to her bedroom. You stop her and ask her who the friends were and she replies that they were some boys she met at the animal shelter last weekend. She continues up the stairs and you stop her again asking where did she stop to talk to them and she, getting a little exasperated with you by now, explains that it was in town…and she wasn’t breaking any rules by being in town!…and can she please just go upstairs to do her homework?

You let her go but you’re sure she was in that biker bar so later you go upstairs to her room and confront her directly. You ask her point blank if she was in the biker bar earlier that day and she replies that she was near the bar because she had to stop…her phone fell out of her backpack when she was taking a shortcut through the alley next to the bar. She then goes quiet.

You look at her for a second and you finally tell her “Listen, I saw you when I went by that biker bar today, you weren’t in the alley, you weren’t looking for your phone, I saw you in the bar for at least 20 minutes talking to several of the men.” You say “Tell me what was going on!”
She looks at you for a second and finally explains “Well, I was riding home through the alley past that bar when a few of the men called out to me having remembered me from working at the animal shelter. They had adopted a dog the weekend before and they had some questions about feeding and training so I went in and we talked about their dog. They told me about the funny things the dog did and we laughed. I gave them some pamphlets I had on me and then left. That’s it. I did nothing wrong.”

The questions that would keep running over and over and over in my mind are:

“Why the fuck did it take so long to get to the final answer?”
“Why all the other partial answers?”
“Why couldn’t she just say that when I first asked her??”
“What the fuck do I believe now?”

Imagine that happening 8 times with Annie in 8 different situations where the final answer always seemed innocent…but all basically the same scenario…

…that’s what I think about Hillary.

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