13…An Amendment In Name Only


I am sad, a sadness
that was never
there, but
should have been,
should have been born
in my soul at birth
I am
sad for people
I don’t know, will
never know
I am sad that I didn’t
know to be sad
so much wasted time
of oblivious
while millions
millions oppressed and denied
…denied and died
of slavery converted, of
false freedoms and
real humiliation
redefined…exit a civil war
vast landscapes of destruction
rebuilt from
the failures of conflict
but not so fast…
the souls destroyed inside of
human beings
ignored over commerce
over property;
chain ganged and led
to death
now fast forward…prison
the new new slavery
looking for
1 in 17 white men
1 in 3 black men
not hard to tell who
the red laser dot is floating on
the man
in his sad 6 by 9 said
I’m not a nigger any more
call me
a new box but
it’s the old slavery
it’s the same
fear…the same

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