we are made

It’s not an impossibility, this
life we’re given, it is always
probabilities, wishes,
intent to conquer to achieve
to greatness we look, see
always barriers; ourselves.

It’s an awful thing to hear, the
mortality, this journey’s end,
this road with a known destination
always the same
always the dirt, the clay of
our ancestors, our dreams.

It’s a moment, really, this
life we have, a minute
in the grand archway of
time, from here…to
there…we live within the very
idea of who we are.

It’s you and it is me, and
you are billions…I am
one, yet the difference is mass
not much else, duplicates of us
over and over and the
change occurs in thinking

My body, the same ratio of
water to dry as the earth…
is your body with different
after-market add-ons, with
a different OS level
with different dreams.

I see you in me, feel me
in you when I look out into space
towards where dreams end
our journey’s resting place
and see energy transmuted, matter

It’s in reality’s nature to not care
about me, about you, about
anything…but to just be…without
artifice, without choice, to
persevere regardless us,
aside and unconcerned.

It’s in our best interest to emulate
to shade with reason, to
try to reach the point where
reality and us
are indistinguishable
are conjoined and the same.

It’s our path to deny the shell
to enlighten the kernel of
who we are when
who we are is
who we should be
alive and made…

…with dreams of reality.

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