Somebody to love

It’s amazing, this music thing, with it’s ability to cut across demographics, it’s ability to immediately defeat hate and anger because how the hell do you remain angry singing about love?

This song and this version is probably the best tribute I’ve ever heard simply because it was totally and completely George Michael singing, owning ever single word, every single emotion pushing tears out of my eyes…yet completely and entirely Freddie Mercury’s and Queen’s words and emotions as well.

How can that be?

It’s the power that music holds over us, the chameleon like capability of becoming what we need it to be, what insatiably we require to be nourished when and where it’s required…on our explicit terms yet completely and apologetically without our help.

Saving us when we need a savior.
Demanding retribution when we need to give.
Filling us up when we are empty.
Giving us direction when we are lost.
Comforting us when we are hurt and alone.

2016 has been a rough fucking year for the music that we’ve come to know in our lives, for the voices that have stained our souls with a love and humanity not found in many places…not given out so freely from any other source.

That is music.

That is love.

Our brains, long wired to understand and react to music in a different, life affirming way based on stories sung around campfires in the dawn of mankind itself, our brains are sore and aching from the losses this year, from the silence we feel now that so many voices are gone…leaving faint echoes behind…

…leaving us behind.

A day after the day that gratitude is the theme, I feel sad and lonely that the echoes are all we have left of those voices but also, I feel the love that those voices left and the imprint on my heart and soul…

…and know that I’ve found somebody to love.

Believe. Go. Do.

Queen & George Michael – Somebody to Love

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