Been thinking about this for a while and only today have I tipped over on the scale where it makes sense…about this election, this new scenario we’re all going to be a part of. I tried to figure out why people voted for Trump, why they didn’t for Hilary…I read as much as I could from both perspectives. I posted questions online and participated in rather lengthy debates about various aspects of the “new world” we’re all being plunged into tomorrow and I think I’ve come to a pretty coherent conclusion. While it could be politely stated that the vote was for change within our federal government, in actuality, the vote was to…

…burn that mother fucker down!

The vote was about the complete rejection of incrementalism, the idea that desperately needed change cannot be carried out civilly, in little pieces at a time. It can’t and it won’t. Ever. The underlying corruption in our government is so deep, so completely and indelibly buried in its DNA that nothing short of complete destruction will ever change anything. Folks, both liberals and conservatives as well as independents and the odd socialist, have tried for the past 60 years and the intense corruption has only gotten worse. All the flowery policies and hopeful programs and the war against drugs and no child left behind and Medicare Part d and on and on and on have been complete and utter failures…simply because they all started from a corrupt base.

They couldn’t succeed.

Donald Trump is a buffoon and quite possibly a psychopath but he’s the perfect delivery vehicle for massive, infrastructure destroying change. He has no allegiances to Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Agriculture, NATO, NAFTA, the Military Industrial Complex, the UN, the EU, the list goes on and on….including no allegiance to you or I. Donald Trump campaigned without assurance and backing (and future cooperation) from any big money, rent seeking organization simply because…


He’s now in a position to make decisions that no politician before him ever had the chance to make because he is not owned by anyone but his own sense of self-importance and immense ego. He is going to destroy the US government from the inside and not because he wants to but because he has to (whether he knows it or not). The police (the states occupying army), the FBI, NSA, CIA, EPA, Education Department, Treasury Department and on and on have all completely gone off the rails in respect to the Constitution of the United States of America. Taking actions and regulating things that were never imagined by our forefathers, things that never in their wildest dreams were supposed to be within the federal government’s power.

Whether we know it or not…but it feels correct, it feels time…we voted to burn our own houses down because the infestations—the slimy smelly rot that has invaded every nook and cranny—had gotten so fucking bad that another coat of paint, another happy sounding coat of whitewash, just wasn’t going to cut it anymore.

Love it or hate it, tomorrow, Donald Trump lights the match…

…and I have a cupboard full of marshmallows, graham crackers and Hershey bars..

Believe. Go. Do.


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