What We Are

The sky screams a passage…
a line from the Hindu scripture
the Bhagavad Gita;
Vishnu is trying
to persuade the Prince
to impress him,
she/he takes on his/her multi-armed form
and says,
“Now I am become Death,
the destroyer of worlds.”
we think this can’t be real, we know
it is…some of us
and it is us
always us
we think that the divide is growing, is
sinking us into oblivion, the
mask of our own sorrow
but we only see a part
of us
the part we radiate, propagate
while who we love, who we
love…see all of us
like the stars the sky still screaming
we are single and whole
and multitudes
while all plunging forward
in a time spiral toward
death…the destroyer
but we can
can decide
can define
away from sadness, madness
the unquenchable…
we can love
and be loved
ultimately facing Vishnu
and respond to the sky
to the mindless horde all marching forward
“those words, meant to scare and scar,
meant to divide and conquer, they
are meaningless
to people who hold and hope,
who believe
and are believed…
that we are human
and together

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