I can’t say #metoo because it’s not true, not for me as a man at least. I *can* say that I completely understand the point though. The idea that an insidious sense of entitlement and aggressive and sexually manipulative behavior of men towards women has existed for centuries…perhaps from the very beginning.

And that women have…for centuries…been ignored when they spoke up; when they tried to cast light into that darkness. If not ignored then they were ostracized or recast as an enemy of calm goodness and civil society. And I’m not saying that men can’t be sexually manipulated and abused—they can, obviously—but bringing the male perspective in only serves to diminish the point of #metoo.
#metoo is about women.


I’ve either been extremely lucky or extremely naïve over the many years I’ve been on this planet and the years I’ve spent in business as I very rarely, if ever as I recall, been involved in, or even had a peripheral part to play, in the overt, covert, physical or verbal sexual debasement or intimidation by men towards women. But I am absolutely sure it happens.

I’m sure it happens because of #metoo

I’m sure it happens because I believe my female friends when they tell me something they know is true regardless that I don’t or can’t know the same thing. And that’s the point I think; I simply believe them…

…because they said it.

I hope all of my male friends will look at those last 4 words and say


Believe. Go. Do


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