what we can’t say

And, not so suddenly, we were terribly sad
feeling the darkness drift down
settling among our words
leeching into the shadows that
used to be pages we read
encompassing us
closing our doors
shutting off the light
in our eyes


a duplicitous regime, a separated
evil of muted dimensions
among us like air
like thoughts slipping away
we all suddenly
felt so terribly, terribly sad


something we knew of but
only saw from a distance, now
living 3 doors away
living an inch from our thoughts
the darkness electronic, enigmatic
capturing us with savvy and
popular vote
we retreat where we can
creating false gods
of safety
the weight of hiding


and now our friends are fading
ephemeral memories
separated by words
and bleeding into the darkness
like the plan said
create distrust through decisive
this side, that side
the same
the same
the same

the end


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