she moves

I disappear
beneath her skin, absorbed
like a simple spring rain on too dry sand,
she moves an arm, a
knee bends, her eyelids
slow to roll up
and I react, a long breath of
between, her and me;
she is the moment
I feel
the shiny newness of this
what this is
I care less and, what
it isn’t, I care more…but
awakening under morning lights
under the guise of knowing
I reappear for the moment
shifting above the waves
of her, of me…looking
for the tide that takes us deep
into an ocean
of yesterday, thinking that it was
a today I can’t forget
a day that will be replayed…but now
no waves of realization, no
vibrations across small ponds of
emotion, just
the reappearance of
I did not

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