Ouch, that hurt!

I think I’ve realized what the fuck is going on. Consider these seemingly separate and distinct data points:

  • The rise in “safe spaces” and restrictions on free speech on college campuses
  • The upsurge in populism and nationalism driving exclusionary anti-immigrant policies as well as racial and class-biased animosity
  • A new gender neutrality and nullification in language specifically binary pronouns, etc.
  • Gluten free anything
  • Anti-vaccination and generally anti-science/anti-fact movements
  • Anecdotal evidence taking the place of proven statistical outcomes
  • Flat earth weirdness
  • And on and on and on.
  • All of these things and events (and instances like them) point to a single cause; people attempting to reduce any outside influence that specifically causes them discomfort.

    Seriously, for some unknown reason, human beings have recently (in the past 10 years or so) got it into their heads that somehow, contrary to human history going back 300,000 years, they are “owed” a life of comfort and safety. AND…that anything that would impinge on that comfort MUST BE DESTROYED, outlawed or otherwise abolished.


    • You believe that you don’t match any common gender terms? Easy, force everyone else to use the ones YOU prefer.


  • You don’t like people who don’t look like you? Simple, make laws restricting where “those people” can go and live.
  • You believe that vaccinations cause autism? Merely decide not to get your kids vaccinated.
  • You’re uncomfortable when someone else’s ideas and speech don’t align with your own? Viola! Protest and occupy college campuses and get that speech shut down.
  • And on and on and on.

    Can you imagine in 1850 when families were piling onto rickety, ill-conceived wagon trains on death filled journeys across thousands of miles of uncharted territories an 18 year kid complaining that a sweaty dirty cowboy riding alongside wouldn’t refer to herself as “they”??

    BWaaaaa Haaaaaa haaaaaaa…we’re growing as a species into a generation of fucking crybaby wimps who cannot defend ourselves from even the slightest of discomforts. And if an alien race lands one day soon in the hopes of conquering this planet?
    We are fucking doomed.


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