What You Need

Spade, Bourdain, who’s next? Which lavishly compensated, globally loved celebrity is going to off themselves? Which person, who seemingly has the fucking world on a string, is going to end their life today? Tomorrow?

Damn right I’m fucking mad…

…but not why you probably think.

I’m not mad because they were singularly selfish leaving loved ones to forever…FOREVER…wonder what THEY did wrong and why their loved one; dad, mom, brother, whatever was such an asshole to do what they did. And I’m not mad that they seemingly took in all that life, good luck and happy circumstance had to offer…so much more than the rest of us could ever hope for…and basically threw it all in the trash.
I’m mad at them because there are millions, maybe billions, of folks suffering the same dark and scary things, the same deep depression that Spade and Bourdain were suffering but who do not also have the luxury of experiencing all the success, money and fame that they did. What the fuck are they supposed to think now? If wealth, fame and success—the very fucking things that society demands we strive for—do not offer any hope, any relief or happy distraction from the black and eternal hell that some people live everyday inside their heads…
…what’s the goddamn point??

Well…the point is NOT to strive for those things that society demands, it’s NOT to try to make yourself into some smiling automaton eagerly consuming all the garbage that gets shit out of the societal greed machine. The point is NOT to look at people like Spade and Bourdain, to love them as some kind of consumer elevated gods…
…but to look inside yourself, and simply love that person.
To understand that you are not meant to be compared to anyone else. That you are not meant to subscribe to anyone else’s version of happiness…that you were born with everything that you ever need in this life to be happy and to love and cherish yourself. And that by doing so, and ONLY by doing so, will you ever truly love another person.

You are all that you need…to be needed by all.

Believe. Go. Do.

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