Some things I know…

Everything starts with you.

That may sound self-centered and egotistical but it is only because we’ve been trained by society to suppress our sense of self, to accept the lies told to us daily. We have been trained from birth to view the whole of society as the prime reason for being…when in fact it is complete bullshit. We are your own reason for being and being the best us…

…is THE point.

Society will tell us—loudly and repeatedly—that we aren’t good enough, we’re not skinny enough, we don’t have the right car, the right beer, the right job or bank account, the right clothes and on and on. Society lives and breathes on the fact that it and it alone dictates what our life is and what it should be and it does so by preying on our fears.

Our fear of not fitting in, whether it’s dodgeball in 3rd grade or the freshman class at college,
Our fear of failure, whether it’s a paper route at 12 or a promotion at 36,
Our fear that we will never love…
…or be loved.

Once society succeeds in making us hate and loathe ourselves, we are able to be controlled…we become docile and manageable. We are then only silent cogs in a massive consumerist machine where our fear becomes the basis of our decisions.

But know this; we were born with all the personal tools and self-confidence needed for us to a be happy, productive human beings…giving back in equal portions to what we take from life—regardless what society dictates because by taking control of our own destiny’s, we can create the society and future we deserve. We can do this because we were born with these 3 things:

  • We were born to accept that we are fallible and imperfect…which makes us able to accept others’ failings,
  • We were born to understand that we have the sole power to change ourselves…and that we cannot force others to change, and, ultimately,
  • We were born to love ourselves which is the only real way that we are able to love others.

Simply; whatever is required of us to live happily—and thus create the society we deserve…we MUST manifest within ourselves first. We, exactly like all 7 billion or so on this rock, are human and imperfect and—just being our best selves—are all we will ever need…

… to succeed, to fit in and to love and be loved.

Believe. Go. Do


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