The spot

This is what I know.

You pick a spot on the horizon and, like you’re in a ship, you steer straight at it. It doesn’t matter what that spot represents—college, a relationship, a new job, a slimmer you, whatever—you just make sure you keep pointed toward that spot. You make sure that all or most of what you do is done in order to keep moving toward your goal.

…in life we all run into shit that we can’t help, we can’t stop it…it just happens. In a lot of cases the shit is so deep and so frightening that it stops us from moving forward, like a brick in the face it stops us from moving toward that spot on the horizon.
Now here’s the thing…

…you may be stopped, you may think that you’re making no headway, you may even feel like a worthless piece of shit because it feels like you’re NOT MOVING…but as long as you can still see that spot on the horizon, as long as you still point your ship at it…

…you’re still on your way there.

Believe. Go. Do.


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