Things I know to be True #12,545

Resentment only hurts you. It really doesn’t matter who you resent or what the resentment is about…what horrible, absurdly evil thing that was done against you…because the person you resent could not literally give a fuck. Your resentment exists wholly inside your head and it doesn’t have x-rays or laser beams it shoots off to hurt others.

It only hurts you.

Think about it; the longer you hold that resentment the more awful you feel about it…you turn it over and around in your head, looking at it in a million different ways, aghast that it was done to you—TO YOU!—but it can never be explained, never justified so it just lives there forever. Fucking you up, more and more, over and over while leaving the perpetrator completely unscathed…in fact, they are probably completely unaware of it.

How’s that working out for you?

So…let it go.

It’s not easy—really, what in life is?—but it’s imperative to your happiness so you will find a way. That what we humans do…we find a way for what is important to us. Of course, this doesn’t mean it never happened, that the other person is off the hook. It doesn’t absolve the other person, it doesn’t make them better or worse…it simply means that you decide that your life, your happiness and well-being is more important than the other person’s actions ever could be. And why not?

You are.

Believe. Go. Do.


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