When I hear Internet Age it sounds kind of
stupid—talking head made-up—painful
to say…and be…but we are it, it is; the world
has changed. We are changed by it inside
outside across borders-town-the room we all
sit apart and act together losing humanity and
gaining…what? Gaining a promise of connection
oblivious of skin, despairing of touch, moments
all wrapped in bundles of falsity & transported
memories, sold by the dozen on our favorite
blogs…free free free but 1 second is too long
to wait for truth when fantasy can eat hours
days weeks and consume us over and over and
over…eyes glassed and staring; converging on
points both here and there, 12 inches and a
thousand miles are no different when the plasma
rifle not in our arms is getting us to the next level,
when the photo 3rd down from top left is the real
us but unrecognizable to our mom dad grade
school friends and we forget that the ultimate
is to break free of the digital when all we have
are flat screens, megabytes of little passions, lost
motivation outside the zone between what we
think and who we are when we are anyone but

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