An Idea


We all have an idea, it
sits in the back of the
class, behind the closet
door in the basement
of our mind
where it can’t be seen but
its always there, always
conflicting and influencing
as we walk backwards
against the winds of
change…the inexorable
revolution of time over and
over toward where we
don’t know who what how
we are or what we will be
in the absence of fate destiny
and that ever present
lotto ticket on the fridge.

The idea is of forward and
backward of up and down but
mostly it is about love and
about where we find it in
ourselves, our friends, our
wives and husbands
strangers and enemies but
we are afraid that we can’t
define it picture it can’t
imagine it within us…so
how will we know, how
will we sense when it’s
there…and that rolls around
inside, bouncing off the
walls we put up to keep
us sane.

The idea is our humanity is
where we live when we all
decide to live the lives
we should, can, want to so
difficult and painful the
idea contains and
contradicts and always
always always calls out to us
on dreams in the oceans of
thought our bodies float
and drown in…calling
soft words of love and
belonging when we know
should know we already
are loved and belong
to ourselves.

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