As True as Breathing

You are beautiful.

Three words with 7 billion different meanings, all personal and unique…and all as true as breathing. Where do these simple words come from? A TV show? Your parents? A website? Lover, husband, wife? Where are these words found when you look for them? When you don’t? When their mere suggestion would be the difference—the only difference—from no to yes, from none to all…from alone to not alone.

The person you need to validate your existence, to say that you belong, are beautiful and worth loving is you. No one else. But while it’s easy to say, easy to write that these words can only ever come from inside you, it is hard to understand, difficult to convey when those words, in that combination, are said so many times and in so many ways from other places. From the TV, parents, the web, a lover, a husband, a wife…they come from all angles.

And all meaningless without them first coming from inside you.

Believe. Go. Do.


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