I Fear the Answer

I look at the calendar and see that it’s 2013, I look down at my desk and see the splayed out gadgetry and technology of 5 assorted computing devices that connect me and allow me to communicate with an entire planet if I so wanted. I look at the constant barrage of scientific, technological and medicinal innovations and discoveries coming at me non-stop from uncounted websites, newspapers and cable news channels and I then look at these photos…

…and I cannot help thinking to myself that we are not so long out of the trees after all. That if we are removed at all, we are not that far from the wretched barbarians of 10,000 years ago, scratching out subsistence living on the plains and savannas of Africa. Viciously competing—because we were still more animal than anything else—man against man for every calorie found or hunted, scavenged or gathered…for every acre of food supplying territory.

I look at these photos and my brain screams that we s…till do this to ourselves! Human against human, with the accumulated knowledge of a billion billion peoples who have come and gone since the dawn of time, we are still viciously competing for every scrap, for every acre…only now we define those atrocities with religious factions, with political parties, with ideology used as a mask to cover our base desires to rule and to take. I look at these photos and ask the question who’s answer I don’t want to hear:

“Is progress, technology, innovation and all the things we think of as a separation between us and who we were as a species 10,000 years ago merely superficial ideas and illusions that cannot truly mask our nature. Are we perpetually destined to revert, when political/religious/ideological push comes to shove, to those grunting beasts fighting over carcasses and killing each other in the process of trying to stay alive?”

I truly do fear the answer…


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