Blinking lights?

I’ve thought this about UFO’s for a long time but this is the first time I am writing it down. Um, what’s up with all the blinking lights? I mean whenever you read about UFO’s they are always described with at least some blinking lights. Sometimes lots (Like Close Encounters) and other times just a few but definitely bright enough to make a visual impact. Now I’m not saying that people didn’t see the lights, what I’m asking is why they are there to begin with. Think about it…what a blinking lights meant to accomplish? Well, down here on earth they act as warning lights, or directional (i.e. the red and green lights on a boat are side lights and assist in determining the direction the boat is facing. Red lights are on the port, or left side, while green lights are on the starboard, or right side) but always to convey some information about the craft they are attached to.

The point is that they are they because someone will “visually” see them and get information from them. The question is then, who is going to see a UFO’s blinking lights in the depth of space? And if they do, what kind of information are they going to get? You can say, “oh, it’s for when they land on other planets” and again, what kind of information are they conveying? And will the planets inhabitants even have eyes? Will they understand the visible light spectrum?

That seems like a lot of big “ifs” in which to base an interstellar spaceship design on considering the expense of all design characteristics. I mean anything that is not directly tied to; a) keeping the spaceship inhabitants alive, and, b) powering the ship forward, is nonessential so why the blinking lights?

Just askin…

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